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Brenda Henson's journey through life has been one of continual joy and ceaseless ambition, elements that she brings into her real estate practice with a heart full of gratitude. An Austin native, Brenda's roots run as deep as her love for the city, staying within a 20-mile radius all her life, which gives her an intimate knowledge of the area she serves.
As a mother to four and MerMer to nine grandchildren, Brenda's life is rich with family joy. Whether she's at the beach casting lines into the saltwater or cheering on her grandsons on the baseball field, she carries the same enthusiastic spirit into her work as a real estate agent. Her laughter is a familiar echo at family gatherings, especially when her granddaughters perform their latest dance or cheer routine.
Brenda's festive spirit shines brightest during Christmas, a time that reflects her love for community and celebration. Her home, a gallery of handpicked Santas and Snowmen, also serves as a testament to her creative flair—she holds a Floral Design Degree and delights in crafting centerpieces that bring the essence of Texas into homes.
Her career trajectory has been as varied as it has been fulfilling, encompassing roles from a Construction Secretary in the '80s to a seasoned Closing Coordinator at D.R. Horton. Her tenure as Store Manager at Texas Light Bulb not only honed her ability to illuminate homes but also sparked her desire to guide clients in selecting the perfect residences.
Brenda steped into the world of real estate sales, ready to weave her tapestry of skills into her dream career. She joined the field with an eagerness to learn from the best, demonstrating her resourcefulness, organization, and unyielding positive outlook. Brenda believes in the beauty of life's journey, seeing every challenge as a page to turn in the grand story of life.
Let Brenda Henson be your guide in turning the pages to your new chapter, as you seek a home that resonates with warmth, laughter, and the making of cherished memories.

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