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Renée's role as a Real Estate Agent at New Hope Realty Group is far from ordinary — it's a testament to her fierce commitment and trailblazing spirit in Austin's residential market. With an 18-year tenure as a pediatric nurse for special needs children, Renée brings the same tenacity and heart to real estate, where her advocacy and personalized service are unmatched.
Renée isn't just selling houses; she's a top producer who lays down strong foundations for her clients' futures, guiding each one with unwavering dedication and a deep-seated belief that everyone deserves a place to call home. "Home is the Foundation" isn't just a tagline for her; it's a philosophy woven into the fabric of her every action, driving her to make a lasting impact well beyond the close of a sale.
Her storied career is a vibrant mosaic of successes, where she's just as adept at navigating a first-time homebuyer through the nuances of the market as she is at strategizing with seasoned investors to maximize their returns. This versatility isn't just skill—it's Renée's superpower.
Renée's expertise isn't confined to the world of real estate; it's enriched by the depth of her family life. With Keith, she navigates the beautiful complexities of a blended family, where together they've melded their lives and parenting of two children each—a testament to their united front and harmonious approach to life's challenges. Their family tapestry, further brightened by the laughter of grandchildren, resonates with the warmth and joy that only a loving home can offer. It's this personal journey of unity and understanding that Renée channels into her work, ensuring every client relationship is built on a foundation of genuine care and mutual respect.
Beyond the boardroom, Renée strikes a balance between her fiery professional drive and her soulful pursuit of well-being. A yogi at heart, she finds strength and flexibility in both body and mind—qualities she channels into every client relationship. Renée's life, like her work, is about embracing challenge, seizing growth, and always, always pushing the horizon.
When you partner with Renée, you're not just gaining a Real Estate Agent; you're aligning with a force of nature in Austin real estate. She's the ally who stands firm in negotiation battles, the strategist crafting your victory, and the advocate who sees your dream home as the ultimate prize. With Renée, you're set for an extraordinary journey to lay down roots that are as deep and enduring as her commitment to your cause.

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